Mojacar council clarifies outbreak situation to “prevent rumours and incorrect information”

REASSURANCE: “This measure of control and isolation guarantees the peace of mind and safety of everyone and of the municipality”, the council affirmed. CREDIT: Euphi

AS media reports increase about an outbreak of Covid-19 in Mojacar related to the resort’s nightlife the local council put out a statement to “clarify the situation.”

The local authority said the aim was to “keep residents, visitors and public opinion informed on the locality’s situation and avoid rumours and misinformation which only heighten social alarm.”

The statement released on Monday evening said the health authorities had confirmed 32 positive cases up to that point, of which 26 were employees of various nightspots who had been living together in shared accommodation.


It stressed that “at present, all those known to be affected are under control and in isolation.”

The council underlined what it described as “comprehensive monitoring” of those in confinement, ensuring their health care as well meeting their basic needs, like the provision of food, rubbish collection, and so on, to ensure they remain isolated until there is a new instruction from the health authorities.

The statement further explained that those affected would be kept under a period of quarantine until they have shown to be negative for Covid-19 in two consecutive tests.

“This measure of control and isolation guarantees the peace of mind and safety of everyone and of the municipality”, the council affirmed.

The local administration goes on to say that it is working closely with the health authorities, contact tracers and relevant companies to “ensure this situation is quickly and completely controlled.”

It continues, “these actions will be on-going and, the venues involved will remain closed until a complete and thorough disinfection is confirmed and staff are certified as contagion-free.”

The council also defended its actions since the start of the pandemic and moving into the relaxation of the lockdown, and its “absolute responsibility” in dealing with the health crisis.

The statement points to the implementation of all the required legal measures, and above and beyond that, with reinforced cleaning and disinfection services throughout the municipality in areas like beaches, streets and public places, particularly where there are greater concentrations of people.

Also to the efforts via a strong police and Civil Protection presence, and working with other organisations and local businesses, to meet all the regulations and secure the safety of residents and visitors.

“These latest occurrences should not imply that there is disorder in all similar venues or, that control measures are lacking regarding the entertainment and activities on offer in the townBottom of Form”, the statement ends.


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