Authorisation needed for Benidorm photoshoots

Benidorm photoshoots
PROFESSIONALS: No ban on photoshoots but permission now required Photo credit: Francisco Nicolas Mercader Roman

PROFESSIONAL photographers will now need town hall permission for photoshoots on Benidorm’s beaches.

While confirming that authorisation is now necessary, the local government refuted claims from Ciudadanos councillor Ana Perez that they would also have to pay.

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Beaches councillor Monica Gomez explained that during the “new reality,” complying with health and safety regulations was a priority.

Regarding the beaches, it was “fundamental” to respect capacity, social distancing and the use of facemasks, Gomez said.

“This department is not hindering the work of professional photographers on Benidorm’s beaches,” she insisted.  “On the contrary we are facilitating it.”

The town hall was aware of professional photographers’ present situation, Gomez added, and its objective was “achieving economic rationality” while complying with existing norms and procedures when granting access to Benidorm’s beaches.

“This includes specific photo shoots for celebrations,” the councillor pointed out.

“Professional and commercial photographers have their most effective mediator in the Beaches department and Benidorm town hall,” Gomez declared.


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