Two arrests in Almeria for flogging off milk donated to Red Cross

MISSING: Police found pallets of the donated milk on sale in an industrial estate CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE in Almeria have made two arrests for flogging off two pallets worth of cartons of milk which were donated to the Red Cross.

One of the individuals detained is the owner of the establishment where the milk was on sale.

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The Red Cross headquarters in Almeria city had received a donation of 16 pallets of milk worth nearly €10,000 in all from an Andalucia-based dairy company at the beginning of the month.

But a few days later the person in charge of logistics for the charity informed police that some of the donation was being sold in a premises on the city’s Sector 20 industrial estate.

Police confirmed that was indeed the case.

As well as arresting the owner police also detained the person who had contacted him and offered him the milk at well below its market value.

The pair were identified as Moroccan nationals, aged 29 and 43.

A total of 974 one-litre cartons of milk were recovered.


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