Real Madrid Star Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Mariano Diaz Mejia, Real Madrid player
REAL MADRID: Football player, Mariano Diaz Mejia, tests positive for COVID.

A Real Madrid star has tested positive for the coronavirus which brings fear to the future of the footballing industry in Spain. Mariano Díaz has tested positive for Covid-19 and is currently isolated. The footballer must now remain in quarantine.

Diaz has not trained with his teammates today and remains at home. He is not allowed any contact with the rest of the team. In terms of football deadlines, the match against Manchester City is now lost.

The Real Madrid striker, like the rest of the squad, has enjoyed a few days off. Upon his return from the holidays, the club carried out coronavirus tests on its players and Mariano, unfortunately, tested positive.


The player, as Real Madrid has decided, will stay at home. This will avoid him from keeping in touch with the rest of his team. For this reason, to quickly isolate a positive. It has been decided that the rest of the players will undergo a test whilst waiting at home, all under the supervision of the club.

Now, after this short vacation, the club has decided not to send the squad to the Sports City which is where they were meant to carry out the coronavirus tests. It was Dr. Niko Mihic, head of the club’s medical services, who set up the tests to avoid any contact between the players and staff when arriving at Valdebebas. They chose to wait until the test results were known before they began training.

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