Mayor Says Costa del Sol Should Not Be Forgotten In UK Negotiations

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Francisco de la Torre, the mayor, says Costa del Sol should not be forgotten in UK quarantine negotiations. The Spanish executive “cannot forget Malaga and the Costa del Sol in their negotiations with the British government to get exceptions in regard to the mandatory quarantine decreed for tourists returning from Spain,” says de la Torre.

“IT would be a mistake and an injustice” assures De la Torre via his Twitter account. This decree has come as a shock to many people, tourists as well as politicians, both in Spain and in the UK. Currently, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are rallying to be excluded from this quarantine measure.

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On Sunday, the president of the Costa del Sol Council and Tourism, Francisco Salado also asked for the “same treatment” for the “Costa del Sol” as for the rest of the “main national tourist destinations.” Salado contends that there is no space for “grievances or privileges” as this is a sensitive issue which will affect many businesses and families in Spain. Costa del Sol should not be grouped in with the rest of Spain as it has a very low incidence rate in terms of the coronavirus.

The Euro Weekly News hopes to make its impact on the issue and help save the tourism industries in Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Read more about how you can help and our petition by following this link.

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