Help Us Save The Tourism Industry in Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca

Help Us Save The Tourism Industry

Euro Weekly News needs your assistance to try and help save the tourism industry in both the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca! The UK has recently enforced a strict 14-day quarantine to visitors returning from Spain and recommended against travelling to the country.

This rash decision has caused irreparable damage to tourist-friendly areas, who were banking on the month of August to make up for some of the lost profits experienced during the lockdown. As reported, Benidorm is safe to visit, as the figures there have been extraordinarily low. Any outbreaks in the area are under control. Proper regulations including face make and hygiene have been put in place to avoid the threat of the virus.

The Costa del Sol, all outbreaks have been deemed to be under control or surpassed. In terms of new cases and there are only five active cases of the virus. So help us put a stop to the quarantine madness and sign the petition against this. 


The strict quarantine rules that the UK government has adopted against Spain puts thousands of businesses and jobs at risk. The tourism industry in Spain is heavily reliant on the British tourist market and the increase in cases over the last week is mainly attributed to specific regions experiencing coronavirus outbreaks.

The Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are the perfectly safe destination and numbers here have been extraordinarily low. Changing the protocol so rashly has caused hundreds of Brits to cancel their well deserved holidays in perfectly safe destinations! We ask that the British Government consider changing their policy to include a more fair and reasonable set of travel restrictions.

Sign our petition to let the UK government know that these measures are too rash and too strict! Keep the tourism industry on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca alive, and don’t let hundreds of people lose their jobs.

EWN’s Petition to Stop British Quarantine Rules: Help Us Save The Tourism Industry


  1. I assure anyone that once the mask, the lock-down, the closing down of beaches, the constant security forces presence and threats of fines ends, then and only then will people be free to holiday again! No petition will replace liberties removed overnight with the excuse of the pandemic.

  2. I would sign your petition if we could also vet/select those visiting from the UK. We could then reduce the number of low life who arrive to just get drunk and make everyone else’s life a misery. Frankly it’s nice not having to feel ashamed of the people from the land of our birth so much as we normally do. If the Spanish changed tack they could and should attract a better client, this wonderful country deserves better

  3. 100% agree with earlier comment…actuall150%!!!!
    We dont want idiots who get drunk and wander around benidorm no masks with a F U kind of attitude..sadly cant sign


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