Mayor outraged at crisis management

Outraged: The mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo. Credit: Ayto. de Nerja

THE Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has shown his outrage at the plans of the Government to recover the remaining treasury of the municipalities in exchange for allowing a part to be spent, which he describes as “unacceptable blackmail”.

“We are not going to allow this interference in our management, the residents of Nerja are not going to allow them to appropriate our savings.”

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The remaining cash from the Nerja Town Hall amounts to €16,842,101.86.

He has announced a proposal to urge the Government of Spain to allow the Town Halls to manage their own resources, “which we hope will support all the political groups of the corporation, as they have done twice before.”

Armijo points out that what the Government has to do is “stop being incompetent and effectively manage the economic crisis that is upon us. It must provide resources to the Town Halls, as an administration closer to the residents, so that we can respond to their needs, making use of our own resources, which we have generated them for. “


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