Bazaar burned by twisted firestarter

Store fire: Torrox police arrest the alleged suspect for starting a fire. Credit: Facebook

LAST Saturday morning, July 18, the local authorities of Torrox arrested the alleged suspect for starting a fire in a bazaar.

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The fire occurred around midnight and has been confirmed as caused by a 40-year-old man who was arrested four hours later.

According to the facts, that same afternoon he was denied entry to the same premises for refusing to wear a mask, which has been compulsory throughout Andalucia since last week. After that, a discussion began in which the owners of the store were insulted and threatened by the man who was then expelled from the premises, he even hinted that he would burn the business.

After committing the crime, the police carried out his arrest at four in the morning, after the emergency services were able to extinguish the fire. The smoke caused the building to be evicted, fortunately, there were no victims.

The Torrox police have issued a statement explaining that the damage has spread to up to fifteen vehicles in the Pontil car park, and also reveals that the man had already committed damage to nine other cars the night before.


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