Dead dolphins used as bait on Spain’s Costa Almeria


SOME Costa Almeria fisherman are using dead dolphins as bait, according to Equinac marine life rescue association.

Equinac maintains there are fishermen who make cuts in the corpses of dolphins which get caught in their nets and toss them back into the sea to lure fish.

The claim follows the discovery of two dead dolphins in the same area on Saturday with what looked like cuts made with a knife on their bodies.


CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A dead female dolphin turned up on a beach in Almerimar’s Punta Entinas natural reserve while the body of a baby dolphin appeared in Balerma.

Equinac issued a reminder on social media that even when the capture of protected species like dolphins or marine turtles is unintentional, it is a legal obligation to inform the nature protection authorities.


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