Green light for Mallorca woods pathway project

PLANS: As well as marking out and signposting pathways the project will include planting 5,800 evergreen shrubs and plants. CREDIT: Ajuntament de Palma Facebook @ajuntamentdepalma

PALMA council has given the green light to the project for the restoration of paths going through the Bellver woods.

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The €900,000 funding for the project will come from the 2017 Sustainable Stimulus Fund or eco-tax.

The project will include marking out and signposting 4.2 kilometres of tracks and pathway, the seeding of around 5,800 evergreen trees and shrubs, and the sowing of mixed seeds on an area of 450 square metres.

The works are expected to take six months to complete once the contract has been awarded, with the expectation they will get going before the end of the year.

There are also plans for a future campaign to inform the public about the paths.

Palma Infrastructure councillor Angelica Pastor said the aim of the initiative is to stop the degradation of the woods due to the high numbers of people walking on tracks which in many cases have appeared over time due to the repeated footfall. She said this prevents the regeneration of vegetation and as a result, causes soil erosion and the loss of the vegetation layer.

As part of the works fencing with vegetation will be put up to act as barriers to the paths which cannot be used.


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