Disgruntled middle-aged woman cuffed for slashing tyres on more than 50 cars in Costa Almeria’s El Ejido

DAMAGE: The Guardia Civil determined someone had taken a large knife to the tyres. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil have arrested a middle-aged woman for slashing tyres on more than 50 vehicles in El Ejido.

The detention of the 50-year old on charges of damage, threats and simulation of a crime follow an investigation launched at the end of February when a number of people went to the Guardia station to report they had found their vehicles with one or two tyres punctured, all on the same morning.

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All the vehicles had been parked in Almerimar, and, it turned out, either belonged to the 50-year old’s neighbours or had been next to a local leisure establishment.

Investigators determined that someone had taken a large knife to all the tyres, ultimately identifying the woman as the culprit.

The Guardia also found out she had caused damage to the building where she was living and had occupied an empty flat, leading to “continuous disagreements and disputes with her neighbours.”

It further transpired the detainee had damaged her own car, telling the two-truck team which came out that it had been someone else.


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