Costa Almeria Guardia Civil hunt down Almerimar burglar

CAUGHT: Guardia officers came across the robber hiding in a nearby garden after following a trail of blood from where he cut himself breaking-in CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

GUARDIA Civil tracked down and arrested a burglar just after he broke into a home in Almerimar.

A call to the 062 line first alerted the Guardia to a possible robbery at the property. Officers discovered a thief had got over a nearly two-metre wall and smashed a window with a stone to reach in and open a door, cutting himself in the process.

There was blood inside the house and in the direction in which he’d made off.


Following the blood trail, officers first came across items stolen from the home, including a television and bottles of alcohol. The trail eventually led them to a nearby garden where they found a man in his thirties crouched down trying to hide.

They ordered him to come out with his hands stretched out, revealing a deep gash covered up with a rag on his right hand.

The Guardia called out an ambulance, which took the suspected robber to the Poniente hospital for treatment. He was subsequently arrested having admitted to the break-in.


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