Copped for holding up Mallorca capital games hall just days after leaving prison in Spain’s holiday island

DETAINED: Police arrested the man following a scuffle and a chase CREDIT: Policia Nacional Twitter @policia

PALMA police arrested a man for holding up a games hall just days after he was released from prison for a robbery three years earlier.

The 47-year old reportedly entered the establishment in the Rafal de Palma neighbourhood and demanded some €200, then left, but went back shortly afterwards with a knife.

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He threatened a member of staff to make her hand over the cash.

A customer tried to push the aggressor away, leading to a bit of a struggle.

The customer managed to free himself, but suffered injuries to his face and arm.

The thief run out the games hall with the other man in hot pursuit. A passer-by joined in the chase. So too did police officers as soon as they arrived on the scene.

Press reported that the aggressor got inside a building and up several floors. After calling for reinforcements in case he tried to get out the back of the building the officers went in.

They found him trying to hide in the dark. Once again he tried to run for it and there was something of a scuffle before he was finally detained.


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