1 Out of 3 in Spain at Risk of Seriously Contracting Covid if Outbreak Occurs as Costa del Sol Worries About Imported Cases

Costa del Sol Hospital: Last Coronavirus Patient in the ICU. Credit: Twitter @ASCostadelSol

The coronavirus crisis is currently under control but by no means has it disappeared, now a study has revealed that almost a third of residents in Spain are at serious risk of contracting the virus if another outbreak occurs.

FOR some, the coronavirus is relatively easy to get through, however, for others, especially those with previous pathologies or of older age, Covid-19 is a deadly and aggressive virus.

Spain’s relaxed measures may give the impression that the coast is clear, however, residents have a responsibility to uphold in terms of practising safe hygiene and social distancing. The even greater risk now which has worried popular tourist destinations like Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca is the impact of imported coronavirus cases.

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According to the WHO a ‘serious’ case of Covid-19 includes a fever and at least one other respiratory symptom such as coughing or difficulty breathing.

A study calculated that one out of every five people on the planet are at risk of contracting serious cases of the virus, due to possessing risk factors such as previous pathologies.

In Spain the risk is greater due to the fact that 31 per cent of residents in Spain have some type of previous illness, however, if you add older age as another risk factor then this practically includes half of the country at 48 per cent of residents.


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