New Covid-19 Cases ‘Double’ Again in Spain but no Fatalities for 4th Consecutive day

The number of Covid-19 cases and outbreaks have shot up across the country, according to Spain's Ministry of Health. CREDIT: Pixabay

Spain’s Government has reported that the number of new Covid-19 cases have doubled again from 83 yesterday, to 167 today.

ACCORDING to the Ministry of Health, the majority of the new coronavirus cases were reported in the country’s capital. Approximately 62 of the new cases have been diagnosed in Madrid and 17 in Catalunia. The other cases were detected in Aragón (14), the Basque country (13) and the Valencia region (13). The number of cases almost doubled again from 48 on Monday to 84 yesterday too (Tuesday), as reported.

“Although the risks of contagion remain low, it’s vital to remain cautious and continue to take health and security precautions,” stated Fernando Simón, Director of Health Alerts & Emergencies at the Ministry of Health, during a press conference today. There have been small outbreaks in the last few days, but “they are controlled”, he added.

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However, on a positive note the country has registered no fatalities from the disease for the fourth consecutive day. That means the country’s number of deaths from the disease remains at 27,136. #Covid19 #Covid-19 #Coronavirus



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