Cruise Craze: Spain’s Holiday Island Mallorca to Receive Nearly the Same Number of Cruises as Pre-Pandemic

Cruise Craze: Cruise ship in Palma de Mallorca. Credit: Crew Centre.

Spain’s beloved party island, Mallorca, is set to experience a cruise craze this summer as the small island expects to receive nearly the same number of cruises as it did the summer before the pandemic began.

CRUISE ships have been an interesting focal point and breeding ground of the virus since the beginning of the pandemic, so it is quite surprising to hear they are so in demand once again.

Their high volume enables them to carry thousands of passengers, all sharing common areas, and their multi-stop trips have helped spread the virus on unparalleled levels. When quarantine began many nations would not allow the cruise ship passengers to dock on their ports and many were forced to unwillingly extend their stay.

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Cruises will return to the ports of Mallorca in July; however, the largest influx of traffic will be witnessed in August.

As travel companies scramble to make up the profits that were lost during the economic paralysis of the pandemic, an abundance of ships will be arriving in Mallorca from July to December 2020. During this time, it will receive 249 vessels, which is only 31 less than it did during the same time last year.


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