Spain’s Malaga on the Costa del Sol cancels August Feria but will replace it with summer-long open air music concerts instead

Andalucia’s Government yesterday urged local town halls in the region to postpone all summer fairs and festivals until 2021 in a bid to avoid further outbreaks of coronavirus. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Malaga Town hall on the Costa del Sol has today officially cancelled its week-long August Feria (fair), which was scheduled for 15-22 August.

THE news follows yesterday’s announcement from the Junta de Andalucia urging all town halls across the region to cancel their summer fairs and festivals, in a bid to prevent new outbreaks or a second wave of the coronavirus infection, as reported.

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In a televised interview on the Hoy en Día programme on the Canal Sur channel today, Malaga’s Mayor Francisco de la Torre said he “agreed with the Junta of Andalucia”, and reiterated “the need to avoid crowds while the virus still potentially exists amongst us”.

“We cannot encourage a concentration of people when we are asking them to exercise social distancing of two-metres. We must continue to be proactive to ensure our already magnificent health statistics continue to improve and reach zero so that we become a virus-free territory,” he added.

Instead of postponing the event to September, De la Torre said he preferred the idea of holding music activities and concerts in open spaces instead, where social distancing can still be exercised. He confirmed that the Town Hall has been working on this “alternative plan” for a number of weeks. Almeria Town Hall also announced that it has cancelled its summer fair too.


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