Spain’s Costa del Sol to deploy high-tech systems to control overcrowding on beaches – as well as 3,000-strong beach army – to keep holidaymakers safe from contagion

Drones, together with apps and beach agents will help to control the number of people accessing public beaches. CREDIT: Pixabay

Several Costa del Sol towns have announced that they will deploy high-tech systems from drones to apps, as well as an army of around 3,000 beach agents (as reported) to avoid overcrowding on its beaches this summer, in a bid to keep holidaymakers safe from the risk of Covid-19 contagion.

TOWN halls across the Costa del Sol will need to ensure that their beaches do not go over 50% capacity and will have to resort to limiting/closing access points to the beaches to reduce access when necessary. However, they can make their job easier by deploying a range of new apps and drones, that not only help to indicate which beach access points should be closed, but also apps to deter the public from entering overcrowded beach areas.

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Marbella, for example, says it expects to use an app combined with information from local police drones, as well as monitoring by lifeguards and local police, to control the number of people entering its beaches. Vélez-Málaga is also planning to use a drone along with an app to control entry/exits points to keep an eye on the number of people accessing its beaches. Benalmadena is expected to follow Vélez-Málaga and Marbella’s example.

Fuengirola is reported to be testing out a ‘traffic light’ AI sensor system, created by local firm Juma, which lets both the authorities and the public know which beach areas are free and which ones are getting overcrowded before setting out of their home. By downloading the app, users can see which areas of the beach has space indicated by a green light, and no space indicated by a red light, with an amber light to show areas reaching full capacity.

However, some coastal areas like Rincón de la Victoria, prefer to stick to the old fashioned way, and will simply employ extra lifeguards, as well as beach monitors/agents, to keep an eye on overcrowding.


  1. High Resprect to Rincón de la Victoria, The other citys are just simply like to be surveilled with the new technology and apps. The whole covid 19 is only business making profit for the technology company’s and app company s and to install an dimplement new laws. That is the whole reason.

    This was planned long time ago.


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