Organised criminal group stopped in Malaga

NATIONAL POLICE: Agents recovered stolen goods and money  CREDIT: Flickr 

National Police have arrested the members of an organised criminal group in Malaga. Two men of Canadian and Cuban nationalities as well as a Chilean woman have been detained for coordinated break-ins.  

The thieves would carry out small burglaries all over the province. Local police in Torremolinos made the arrests after stopping a vehicle that had been requested for identification. Once police realised who the occupants in the car were, National Police was involved in the proceedings. Law enforcement carried out a formal search on the residence of the suspects and recovered part of the stolen money and goods. Agents found €3.945 in cash as well as foreign currency, three luxury handbags, sunglasses, an electronic tablet and designer clothes with the tags still on. A high-end vehicle was also discovered at the home and police retrieved three mobile phones and multiple types of documentation.  

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