Almeria University students feel the draught as they sit exams in unheated rooms

Almeria University students feel the draught as they sit exams in unheated rooms
ALMERIA UNIVERSITY: Windows open and not central heating in compliance with anti-Covid measures Photo credit: Olea

ALMERIA UNIVERSITY students are shivering as they sit their January exams.

The Estudiantes en Movimento group complained via the social media that anti-Covid health and safety measures obliged them to sit in rooms with the windows open and no central heating.

They intended to complain to the university authorities, the student group said:  “We can’t consent to having to wrap up as though we were outside each time we attend a class,” a spokesperson said.


University sources quoted in the Spanish media maintained that they had not yet received an official complaint but admitted that windows were left open to comply with Covid regulations.

Neither had the Students’ Council yet received a complaint from Estudiantes en Movimieno, said its president Jose Ramon Garcia.  Although not personally affected, he told the Almeria media, he admitted it was possible that some students had suffered from the cold as they sat exams.

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