Unvaccinated doctor challenges Sajid Javid over mandatory NHS jabs

Mandatory NHS jabs
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Health Secretary Sajid Javid has been challenged face-to-face by an unvaccinated doctor working in ICU over the government’s mandatory NHS jabs policy. During a visit to King’s College Hospital in south London, Mr Javid was asking the intensive care unit staff their opinion on the rules when he received the backlash.

Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist who has been working with Coronavirus patients since the pandemic began, spoke up about his displeasure regarding the decision.

“I’m not happy about that,” he said. “I had COVID at some point, I’ve got antibodies, and I’ve been working on COVID ICU since the beginning.


“I have not had a vaccination, I do not want to have a vaccination. The vaccines are reducing transmission only for about eight weeks for Delta, with Omicron it’s probably less.

“And for that, I would be dismissed if I don’t have a vaccine? The science isn’t strong enough.”

Mr James also revealed another of his colleagues held the same position, reports Sky News. Mr Javid replied: “I respect that, but there are also many different views. I understand it, and obviously, we have to weigh all that up for both health and social care, and there will always be a debate about it.”

Mr James then suggested to the Health Secretary that he could look at the “changing picture” of how the Omicron variant is moving and affecting people to “reconsider” the mandatory NHS jabs decision. Alternatively, Mr James suggested, the government could “nuance” the rules to allow those who have antibodies – but acquired from infection and not vaccination – to not be required to have a jab.

He told the health secretary that it “didn’t make sense” to dismiss doctors who already had COVID antibodies, but who did not want to be vaccinated. “The protection that I’ve got from transmission is probably the equivalent to someone who is vaccinated,” Mr James said.

But Mr Javid told him “at some point that will wane as well”. He added that the government takes the “very best advice” from vaccine experts. “I respect your views and more than that I respect everything you’re doing here and the lives you’re saving,” the health secretary told Mr James.

A King’s College Hospital spokesperson said: “While currently, it is not a mandatory requirement for staff to get their COVID-19 vaccination or disclose vaccine status to patients, we strongly support and encourage all our staff to get their jab, in line with national guidance – and nearly 90% of our staff have already done so”. The head of the hospital has now said he fears losing 1,000 staff due to the rule.

MPs last month voted to make vaccinations mandatory for NHS workers who have direct, face-to-face contact with patients unless they are exempt. The legal requirement for NHS staff to be fully vaccinated as a condition of their deployment to work is set to come into force from 1 April. Doctors’ and nursing unions have urged their members to get vaccinated, but have expressed some scepticism about how effective the introduction of mandatory NHS jabs will be on increasing uptake

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  1. Mandatory is NOT legally enforceable, which is why they try to coerce people into getting an experimental drug that has not been peer reviewed or in use long enough to see WHAT the short term or long term side effects will be, and use their employers to try and force it on those who resist.

    Thankfully this globalist attempt at bringing about their totalitarian new world is rapidly falling apart at the seams, as thousands of Dr’s and medical professionals prove them wrong, and most people do not like the concept of owning nothing, because they have spent their lives trying to own as much as they can.

    Also remember that the key players in this plot are all eugenicists, with an aim of reducing the world population by 3 million folk…. and now want to vaccinate all of the world.

    Just THINK about this, do your own research outside of the ‘official’ media sources and decide whether you agree with the globalist’s ideology, if you do, so be it.

    • Seldom have I enjoyed reading such a load of bigoted thoughts as this. Mandatory by definition means required by law or mandate, compulsory, obligatory. There can be few experiments which have involved the administration of the hundreds of millions of doses involved worldwide during the past year with statistically very few short or long term side effects. It is erroneous to think employers are forcing it on employees. It will be the law.

      The second paragraph is a pure example of wooly thinking which has nothing to do with Mr Harper’s assertions. I have no idea what point he is trying to make with his comment that most people do not like the concept of owning nothing.

      There is no basis for the comment that the key players in this plot are are eugenicists. Reducing the world population by 3 million would literally be a drop in the ocean when it is increasing by about 100 million per year.

      I can only assume that should Mr Harper catch COVID he will follow the example of the prominent anti-vax Johann Biacsics and treat himself with chlorine dioxide.

  2. Two things.
    Info repeated weekly that 90% of covid ill ICU patients have not received “Jabs”. What would I feel if my aged parents were required to have ICU treatment and a “full up” sign was displayed?

    I believe that Italy is/about to mandate that all people over the ago of 50 must have “jabs” ?

  3. We are routinely informed that many communal outbreaks result from infections acquired in hospitals.
    Mr James any colleagues difficulties with vaccinations are quite simply resolved.

    Require unvaccinated hospital or care staff to identify themselves to their employer.
    While telling them that, although they may continue to work in critical areas, they will no longer be covered by their Employer’s Insurance.
    Consequentially any subsequent actions pursued by infected patients, or regrettably their next-of-kin will be directed towards those thoughtless staff.
    Health professionals who lack a moral compass must be exposed to the full financial costs of their moral turpitude.
    Because I would imagine that the effects of Super Spreaders present in the hospital system, even allowing Mr James “eight weeks for Delta, with Omicron it’s probably less” period, is intolerable to all right minded people.


  4. One thought? viruses mutate very frequently and the trial vaccines cannot keep pace with this, as viruses mutate then so called vaccines would need to keep pace at the same rate to be effective. Omicron variant is thankfully a lot milder than Delta, which is still in circulation at the moment. phizer says it will take 100 days to catch up with another vaccine to deal with Omicron which probable will have mutated further so you see we will always be playing catch up like we do with the flu vaccine. So in a nut shell apart from the elderly and medically reliant on such a future vaccine then the younger generation should be able to deal with any milder sysmptoms from the future mutations as our immune systems deal with the cold (which are also coronaviruses!) and flu viruses now. food for thought?

  5. The Death Toll of these multiple Covid infections is horrendous.
    Even the loss of any one person must be a singular regret to all.
    Because that sense of regret is the essence of being ‘Human’

    All historic infections diminished in intensity over time.
    The Black Death Pneumonic Plague diminished.
    Even the Black Flu, aka Spanish Lady Flu, 1918/19.
    And more recent ‘Civilisation Stoppers’ like the Hong Kong Flu 1968/69.
    Or Marburg Disease or other Haemorrhagic Fevers.

    Because diseases that successfully kill before replicating doom themselves to extinction
    While science and medicine have become more competent in their destruction as threats.

    All viruses change.
    But few have been as able as Covid, simply because it is a transgenic organism.
    It was otherwise unknown to our collective immune systems.

    But…All organisms are like fleas, have their own predators.
    This hierarchy of threat and its counter in Nature is nicely captured in a poem: –

    Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ’em,
    And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum.
    And the great fleas themselves, in turn, have greater fleas to go on;
    While these again have greater still, and greater still, and so on.

    Our bodies, or rather our immune systems will learn to deal with this new threat.
    Meanwhile the scientific and medical communities are working 24/7 to accelerate that process.
    Unfortunately others in the World Community, who because of fear, selfishness or pure stupidity, assist Covid in its spread and in its mortality toll.

    I have just watched parents traumatised by the loss of their daughter.
    Their deeply loved daughter was denied access to rationed ventilators.
    Because she had Down Syndrome!!
    We never wish to find ourselves choosing between the urgent treatment needs of patients.
    Simply because the Uncaring have multiplied the spread of infection beyond hospital resources.



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