Cantoria infrastructure will protect the town from devastating downpours

Cantoria infrastructure will protect the town from devastating downpours
AMBITIOUS PROJECT: Retaining walls and storm drains will protect Cantoria Photo credit: Cantoria town hall

CANTORIA town hall is nearing completion of the first phase of its wide-ranging project to prevent flooding inside the municipality.

Puri Sanchez, Cantoria’s mayor, explained that it was necessary to protect the town during the periods of torrential rain that are caused by climate change and regularly affect the Almanzora Valley.

This first phase has centred on reinforcing retaining walls in the Camino Alto zone adjoining the cemetery, Cuesta de La Mina and the football ground.  In Almanzora, work has continued along the old railway track and is complemented by the ambitious network of storm drains installed in 2021.


“In recent years we have seen that whenever a cloudburst, a Dana high-altitude depression or any other freak weather condition arrives, it causes enormous damage,” Sanchez pointed out.

“We have come up with a plan whose different phases will put an end to the principal consequences of these downpours,” the mayor said.

“Both the retaining walls and the Almanzora storm drains will be fully operational early this year,” she added.

Sanchez nevertheless admitted that the work that has been carried out did not provide unconditional insurance that the town would emerge unscathed.

“But,” she stressed, “we can reduce the amount of damage that is repeated each time the  streams and rivers flood.”

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