Malaga delivery man arrested for theft of around €18,000 worth of packages

Malaga delivery man arrested for theft of around €18,000 worth of packages
Malaga delivery man arrested for theft of around €18,000 worth of packages. Credit: Policia Nacional

Malaga delivery man arrested for theft of around €18,000 worth of packages

According to the National Police, a 36-year-old delivery man has been arrested in the city of Malaga, accused of allegedly stealing packages containing sports equipment. These packages were meant to be distributed by the company the detainee worked for.

Complete pallets of around 60 items had gone missing, including treadmills, stationary bikes, and other sporting equipment with a value of more than €18,000. He has been charged with the crimes of continued theft and reception.

An investigation had been launched after the boss of the transport company noticed the disappearance of more than 50 packages. Packages had apparently been going missing since the start of November, and always sporting equipment. As the company had a surveillance system installed, investigators began to study footage.


It was quickly established that a member of staff was responsible for the disappearances. The same modus operandi was used each time. One of the workers was eventually identified, and it was established that he had probably taken as many as 60 pieces of equipment, operating during the off-peak hours to be able to take packages unnoticed.

The suspect was subsequently arrested, and he explained to the investigating officers that he was going through a hard time. He claimed he was under pressure from an acquaintance to repay a sum of money he had borrowed, and was being extorted.

A second investigation was immediately initiated against the alleged money lender. After locating this person, it was proved he was not guilty of extortion, and that the detainee was simply taking the packages for his own financial gain.

Conducting a police search of a warehouse, uncovered twelve bicycles, and six exercise tapes, valued at €7,000. Two bicycles and a treadmill were also located in two sales establishments in the capital, that the arrested man had sold to them.
Each of the machines he took was worth between €500 to €600, but the investigated had allegedly sold some of them for as little as €30. The detainee has already been made available to the competent judicial authority, and a police report sent to the court, as reported by


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