Well thought-out plan for Villena water

Well thought-out plan for Villena water
: FULGENCIO CERDAN: Mayor intends to protect Villena’s water Photo credit: Villena town hall

VILLENA’S mayor Fulgencio Cerdan has appealed against the first draft of the Jucar Basin Plan.

He was defending the interests of the municipality, local growers and Villena’s subterranean waters by allowing artesian wells to recover from over-use, he announced.

On behalf of Villena town hall, Cerdan will ask for maximum use of the Muchamiel desalination plant as well as the Alicante I and Alicante II installations instead of the Vinalopo’s much-depleted wells.


Villena had always been public-spirited regarding water needs, Cerdan maintained, and it was in this context that solutions were necessary for all municipalities and their needs.

“That requires using all possible resources to halt the coast’s dependency on Villena’s water if we really want our wells to recover,” the mayor said.

Areas now using Villena wells needed an economically and environmentally viable Jucar-Vinalopo water transfer from Valencia province, Cerdan suggested.

It was precisely because of this that one of his objections to the Jucar Basin Plan centred on the decision to remove exemptions from repaying the cost of the Jucar-Vinalopo infrastructure, the mayor explained.

“This would directly affect Vinalopo growers using irrigation water,” Cerdan said.

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