Poinsettias for equality

Poinsettias for equality
CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN: Red Cross promotes equality in the workplace Photo credit: Almeria Red Cross

SHOPS in Almeria City, together with the Red Cross, once again joined forces to promote equality in the workplace.

As the Red Cross organisation has pointed out, despite advances in equality, the position of women in the employment market is still very different from that of males.

Eighty shops collaborated with the Pascuero por la Igualdad (Poinsettias for Equality) campaign, which the Red Cross’s Employment Plan organises each year via its Social Business Challenge.


This has the double objective of raising social and corporate awareness regarding the plight of the unemployed and at the same time boosting purchases in small and medium family-run businesses.

Between December 7 and 10, each establishment belonging to the Almeria Centro associations presented a ticket to each customer who could then take it to the Red Cross stall in Puerta de Purchena to receive one of the 500 poinsettias that were given away.

Along with their purchases they also received one of the campaign’s carrier bags, bearing the slogan, “Contrata sin importer edad, genero o procedencia” (Hire regardless of age, gender or origin) that had been provided by the Red Cross.

Meanwhile, the organisation provides a free Mediation Service that links professionals from different sectors who are seeking work with Almeria Centro businesses to cover staff vacancies arising during the Christmas period or at any other time.

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