YOU can stop the shark fin trade – act now!

YOU can stop the shark fin trade - act now!
YOU can stop the shark fin trade - act now!

If you are an EU citizen, you can make your voice heard before it’s too late by voting to ban the EU shark-fin trade.

Sharks have a bad image among many people and many only think of bloodthirsty predators. Yet sharks are among the oldest creatures in the oceans and play an enormously important role in the marine ecosystem. If sharks are missing, the entire system is disrupted – you can help stop this by ending the shark fin trade.

Did you know that hundreds of sharks are killed every single minute for “Shark Fin Soup”?


Up to 273 million sharks are still caught and killed worldwide every year almost exclusively for their fins. Exact figures remain speculation due to the lack of reliable data and the enormous number of unreported cases of illegal catches.

The main consumer of shark fins, which are then made into thin shark fin soup, is Asia. However, European countries such as Spain, France and Portugal are among the largest shark fishing nations in the world.

Although the removal of fins on board EU vessels and in EU waters is prohibited and sharks must be landed with their fins naturally attached, the EU is among the biggest exporters of fins and a major transit hub for the global fin trade.

The EU is a major player in this bloody, multimillion Euro industry. But the public now has the chance to stop killing sharks for their fins by finally ending the trade with shark fins in Europe.

The EU Citizens‘ Initiative “STOP FINNING – STOP THE TRADE” is more than a petition. It is a once in lifetime opportunity to change EU legislation and save the sharks.

This initiative aims to end the trade of fins in the EU including the import, export and transit of fins other than if naturally attached to the animal’s body.

STOP FINNING – STOP THE TRADE has set itself the goal of legally banning the trade with shark fins in Europe. Votes are being collected across Europe to introduce a proposal for a concrete amendment of the law on the trade with shark fins.

In times of the Covid pandemic, the tried and tested vote collection campaigns in public spaces are almost impossible. Nevertheless, the initiative is trying to draw attention to its concerns through various actions. Due to the pandemic, most of these actions take place on the internet and on social media.

Sign the petition now!

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