Strengthening ties

Strengthening ties
CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN: Benidorm’s Policia Local helping those in need Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Benidorm

BENIDORM’S Policia Local have once again launched their Christmas campaign, collecting supplies for those in need.

“Shampoo, shower gel, soap, bleach, detergent and, particularly, food in cans and jars, these are the things we are asking for,” said Rafael Urbano, president of the officers Asociacion Sociocultural.

“Every item collected will go to Caritas, who will give out the donations at their usual distribution points.”


The association was founded by Benidorm’s Policia Local in 2013 to strengthen their ties with the local population “even further,” said Urbano who explained members organise educational and sporting activities, as well as social initiatives like this Christmas campaign which continues until December 31.

To complement the Christmas collection, the association is installing a blood donation point at the Policia Local station in Calle Grecia on December 14.

“Police, residents and donors will have the chance to demonstrate another facet of solidarity towards those who are ill,” Urbano said.

Readers who would like to collaborate with the Policia Local initiative can leave their donations at the Calle Grecia station or La Pecera, the Policia Local post at the town hall.

As well as donations from officers and members of public, the Asociacion Sociocultural will be acquiring additional supplies with money raised through selling tickets for the “Gordo” Christmas lottery.

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