Placing the ITV sticker in the correct position to avoid a fine

Placing the ITV sticker in the correct position to avoid a fine
Placing the ITV sticker in the correct position to avoid a fine. image: wikimedia

Placing the ITV sticker in the correct position to avoid a fine

As drivers in Spain, we are all aware that our vehicle must periodically pass the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV). The vehicle must pass this test in order to obtain the technical inspection card. This document certifies that the vehicle meets all the technical conditions necessary to circulate on the roads.

After passing the test, the driver will obtain the ITV sticker, formally known as the V-19 distinctive. This coloured sticker is placed on the inside of the windscreen of the car so that traffic officers can recognise the status of the vehicle at a glance. However, do you know exactly where the ITV sticker is supposed to be put, and if its display is mandatory?

The Royal Decree 2822/1998 indicates in Article 12 that all vehicles passing the ITV must display the sticker on a mandatory basis. Failing to display it brings a fine of €80.


Annex XI of the General Vehicle Regulations clearly explains where the ITV sticker should be placed. “In the case of vehicles that have a windscreen, the distinctive will be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the windscreen, on the inside. The printed side of the badge will be self-adhesive. On all other vehicles, the badge must be placed in a conspicuous place. The unprinted side of the badge will be self-adhesive”, it states.

In the case of motorcycles, the placement of the sticker is somewhat confusing, as the regulations do not specify exactly where it should be placed.

Where to place the sticker on motorcycles and mopeds

The General Vehicle Regulations do not specify at any time the exact position where the ITV sticker should be placed on motorcycles and mopeds. These regulations only indicate that it must be pasted “in a well visible place”.

On the inside of the dome of a motorcycle is a good spot to place it, as this prevents the adhesive from being lost or worn out by inclement weather. You could opt for a more discreet place, such as the upper part of the fairing, the suspension fork, or the chassis. However, if you are not sure where to stick it, it is best to ask the ITV technician, since the clear visibility of the sticker will vary depending on the motorcycle model, as reported by


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