It’s not going to finish well

It’s not going to finish well
It’s not going to finish well

WHY is it when you are having a conversation with someone – usually the hairdresser – they always ask, “Are you going on holiday?” and you say, “yes”. Then they ask, “Are you going anywhere nice?” I always want to answer, “no not really but I got such a good deal on a two bed apartment in Afghanistan (insert your own war zone here) I had to take it, how could I resist?” I have the same feeling when sales people or waiters ask how I am.

I’m over 70 years old; you really don’t want to know how I am. But as you asked me I will try and keep it short and just fill you in on the main details, pull up a chair, it should only take 20 minutes or so!

There seems to be an extraordinary amount of drink spiking cases happening.


Almost 200 incidents have been reported to UK police forces over the past two months. That is an insane amount. WTF is going on? The NPCC said there have been 198 confirmed reports of drink spiking in September and October across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus 24 reports of some form of injection. This is madness. I know several people it has happened to. It seems to be done with no other purpose except to cause the most terrible reaction to the person it’s been administered to.

It’s hard enough for youngsters these days to enjoy themselves without having to worry that everyone that gets near to you maybe be a potential poisoner. Venues have to make sure that CCTV is covering every area and the folks have to be very vigilant and, if caught and found guilty, the perpetrators have to have very long prison sentences.

Austria, on Monday, began a targeted lockdown against unvaccinated people, confining adults and minors aged 12 and older to their homes. The move is initially expected to last 10 days. This affects about two million people. Sorry this just isn’t right in so many ways. I don’t give a monkey’s whether people are vaccinated or not, these are ridiculously mad measures to make. That along with the chance that 60,000 health workers in the UK are about to lose their jobs. This type of segregation is not going to finish well.

I read an article the other day that a guy in New Zealand got shot dead and when they did his death certificate the cause of death was Covid, because he had tested positive a couple of week earlier. Insane!

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