Malaga murder trial Brit admits killing his wife

Malaga murder trial Brit admits killing his wife
Malaga murder trial Brit admits killing his wife. image: flickr

Malaga murder trial Brit admits killing his wife

A British man on trial in a court in Malaga, on Monday, November 15, admitted to killing his wife. Geoffrey Elton, a computer programmer, aged 57, has been in police custody in Spain since the incident occurred in their Estepona home on the Costa del Sol, on March 9, 2019.

Elton’s confession came just minutes into his trial. He stands accused of killing Gloria Tornay, his wife of 33 years, by strangling and then stabbing her death, immediately after having sex. In his defence, he admits to killing Ms Tornay, but claims to have no memory of attacking her, and that he was suffering from a mental illness.


His admission was that his wife had humiliated him in front of neighbours, and that he had lashed out at her. This occurred after they had allegedly ‘mutually’ agreed to end their marriage, on a day when they had been busy packing items into cases.

A team of nine jurors must now decide whether Elton should go to prison, or be placed in a secure psychiatric centre. If the latter, he would probably eventually be deported back to the UK, and face a ban on ever entering Spain in the future.

Juan Antonio Lopez Alvarez, Elton’s lawyer, said in his opening statement to the court, “He is dangerous, but I want my client placed in a secure psychiatric centre, not jail, so he can be treated for the time experts consider necessary, before he is expelled to the UK and prevented from re-entering Spain”.

Prosecutors are asking for a 14-year prison sentence

Prosecutors for the defence are asking for a 14-year prison sentence. Francisco Javier Urquia Perez countered Alvarez’s comments with, “Not only did he commit this horrific crime, but he had the gall to pretend he was mentally ill. He stabbed her so many times the handle on one of the knives he prepared was left embedded on her skin”.

The lawyer continued, “He shut off the electricity, threw the landline and three mobiles out of the house, and forced his 15-year-son Alonso outside, to increase his chances of successfully killing her, before stabbing the youngster’s mum to death. Today this man wants you to believe he was apparently mad when he did it. I say he did it because Gloria wanted a divorce and was going to leave him”.

Adding, “He lived off his wife, and lived very well. I say he had planned it all before he went ahead with his vile crime”. There is also conjecture surrounding the presence of methadone and morphine in Gloria’s body, with the lawyer suggesting, “Geoffrey Elton drugged her to reduce her ability to defend herself”, as reported by


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