A Buddy Bench for Denia

A Buddy Bench for Denia
DENIA PROJECT: Buddy Benches similar to this will be installed in local schools Photo credit: wbir.com

DENIA ROTARY CLUB’S Fem Amics (Let’s Make Friends) initiative  promotes equality, respect and companionship among children while coping with bullying.

“With collaboration from Denia town hall, local schools and sponsors,

the idea is to transform the lives of children who feel rejected and friendless,” said Adela Chelet, the club’s local president.


“We want ensure that they are not isolated and with no-one to play with.”

The project involves placing a bench inside the school or playground where any child who feels lonely or unhappy can sit.

The bench is painted in cheerful colours and positive words like “respect, hope and smile” so that the pupils will identify it as a place which can help them.

Teaching staff will explain when and how to use the bench although pupils must also be willing to have it in their school.

Fem Amics will complement coexistence projects introduced to help pupils to resolve conflicts and ensure that no classmate feels alone at break time.

This is not a new idea, as the Buddy Bench was created by a 9‐year‐old US girl, but it sets an example for everyone, Denia Rotary Club believes.

“That is why we want to bring this initiative to Denia,” Adela Chelet said

The project is due to reach Denia’s state, state-assisted and private schools, during the 2021‐2022 school year.

“Most local schools are enthusiastically backing the initiative and the Rotary Club believes that this project is perfect for Denia, which is recognised by UNICEF as a Child-friendly Municipality,” the president pointed out.

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