Latest business news from two UK based companies

The new Whippet bike
The new Whippet bike Credit: Twitter

LATEST business news from two UK based companies who have taken knocks but carry on.

Turned down

A FATHER and son business based in Bristol, Revolutionworks were initially disappointed when their invention that made a push bike an electric bike by adding a lightweight motor was turned down in July on Dragon’s Den UK.


One of the reasons was because they refused to outsource production to China as they wanted to continue to produce the motor in England and whilst the investment was not forthcoming, they have been encouraged by the publicity they received.

An added benefit was the number of customers who have said that they are happy to buy British.

M&S succumbs to Brexit

THE latest casualty in the Brexit fall out has been Marks and Spencer which has operated food stores in France for decades.

It has however announced that due to difficulty in supplying its franchisee’s 11 shops in that country with fresh and chilled foods that it has no option other than to pull out of the arrangement.

It will however continue to supply nine stores at French travel hubs in railway and metro stations and may increase its range of frozen items, similar to the arrangements it now has in the Czech Republic.

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