‘Guardian angel’ helps young boy lost for days

'Guardian angel' helps young boy lost for days
'Guardian angel' helps young boy lost for days Credit: NSW Police

‘Guardian angel’ helps young boy lost for days. The family of three-year-old Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak believe that he was kept safe by a Guardian Angel and the power of prayer after he went missing from the family home and spent days in the Australian bush.

Mum Kelly Elfalak is confident that a Guardian Angel and the power of prayer kept AJ safe after he went missing and spent three days in terrifying terrain near the family home in Australia. The young boy managed to escape with only scratches, nappy rash and ant bites despite his long ordeal. The young boy was discovered on September 6.

A NSW Police helicopter recorded footage of the rescue and the devout Coptic Orthodox Christian family believe that when the boy was discovered an angel could be seen sitting on the rocks beside him.


Ms Elfalak said’: If you saw the picture of AJ in the creek, you can see the angel next to him.’ She explained how the family believe that the guardian angel kept AJ safe and well while rescuers searched for him.

During the days that the boy was missing friends and thousands of other people prayed for his safe return.

Ms Elfalak has explained that AJ is doing well now and is recovering from his ordeal. She said: ‘AJ is doing really well,’

‘He is healthy, happy, he only has a few cuts but nothing serious.’

The young boy has autism and speaking to the Daily Mail Australia a source said: ‘The reality is he didn’t know he was lost… so he wasn’t scared, he didn’t panic,’

‘If he was tired, he slept… he had access to water, which is a big thing for survival in the bush.’

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