DGT set to bring in FIVE new traffic fines over the next few weeks

DGT set to bring in FIVE new traffic fines over the next few weeks
DGT set to bring in FIVE new traffic fines over the next few weeks

DGT is set to bring in FIVE new traffic fines over the next few weeks.

The DGT, Spain’s traffic authority, is completing work on a set of new fines for drivers which are due to come into force in September this year and is waiting for approval of it’s proposals from the Spanish government to introduce five new fines.

The traffic authority also wants to make amendments to the country’s traffic code as the main reason for the changes is to reduce the environmental impact that the 29.4 million vehicles currently in circulation across the country are causing.


Article 2 of Spain’s traffic code, if agreed on by the parliament, would include as punishable offences, actions that would be considered of “unnecessary damage or inconvenience to the environment”.

The previous wording of the code only addressed negligence towards humans and property and did not include environmental factors.

This newly created category of fines directly addresses environmental issues, whereas all other new fines are aimed at improving road safety.

Exceeding the speed limit on secondary roads 

The DGT has asked for this since it increased penalties and lowered speed limits last year. Currently, it is allowed to overtake another vehicle by surpassing the speed limit by 20km/h, under the new proposals this will be scrapped and no excess speed will be allowed.

Having a speed camera or radar detector device in the vehicle

Under the present law, it is illegal to use a speed camera or radar detector in your car. Fines can be as high as €6,000 and penalties include loss of 6 driving licence points for those caught by police using these devices.

The DGT now proposes to impose these penalties for drivers simply having one of these devices installed in their vehicles- whether they are in use or not. If accepted by parliament, the penalty would mean the loss of 3 points off a licence and a €500 fine.

Unnecessary emissions

The DGT wants to require drivers to switch off their engines while the vehicle is idle, thereby preventing unnecessary emissions.

The proposed fine of €100 euros will be imposed on the drivers if after parking or coming to a temporary stop, they exceed a maximum of two minutes with their engines running- even if the drivers or/and passengers remain inside the vehicle. No clarification has yet been made if this new rule would apply when vehicles are stuck in a traffic jam or other similar circumstances.

Mobile phone usage 

Currently, the DGT has penalties that include the loss of 3 to 6 points off drivers’ licences, as well as a €100 fine for just holding a mobile phone while driving.

The use of GPSs and headphones while driving is already considered a punishable offence that can lead to a fine of €200 and the loss of 3 points off the persons driving licence.

E-scooter users not wearing a helmet while riding face fines

The use of e-scooters and in Spain has rocketed over the past few years and the DGT is now ready to address the issues caused to pedestrians by this basically unregulated mode of transport.

E-scooters have been banned from riding on Spain’s pavements since January this year, although many would argue that riders are mainly ignoring the law with impunity- others say the police are slow to cap the infringements too.

The DGT intends to make it compulsory for e-riders to wear a helmet or be slapped with a fine of €200 and are adamant that the law will be enforced in future.


DGT to bring in a new traffic fine in the next few weeks

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) announced plans for a reform to the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety in August, as part of the Spanish government’s continued tightening of road safety regulations, with the aim, once again, of trying to reduce the accident rates that occur on Spanish roads.


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