Slice of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake fetches £1,850 at auction

Slice of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake fetches £1,850 at auction
Slice of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake fetches £1,850 at auction Credit: Pixabay

Slice of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake fetches a staggering £1,850 at auction some 40 years after the pair tied the knot.

The piece of wedding cake had been given to a member of the Queen Mother’s household. Moya Smith was gifted the piece of cake at Clarence House and ensured that the cake was well preserved. She kept it in a floral cake tin, topped it with cling film and added a handmade label to the tin’s lid. The label read: “Handle with Care – Prince Charles & Princess Diane’s (sic) Wedding Cake”. It was also dated 29/7/81 and she had signed it too.

This is not the first time the slice of cake has been up for auction but this time it far exceeded the expected price. This time the sale coincided with what would have been Charles and Diana’s 40th wedding anniversary.


The auction was held at Dominic Winter Auctioneers in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The cake had only been expected to fetch a maximum of £500 but bidding soon far exceeded this.

“We were amazed at the numbers of people wanting to bid on this large and unique piece of royal cake icing,” said auctioneer and royal memorabilia specialist Chris Albury, of Dominic Winter Auctioneers.

“It seemed to get far more attention than when we sold it with a Charles & Diana thank you letter 13 years ago.

“There were lots of inquiries from bidders, mostly in the UK, USA and several countries in the Middle East.

“The bidding started at £300 and with commission bids, the internet and phone bidding, quickly rose to the winning price of £1,850.

“It was bought by an internet bidder in the Middle East.

“As yet we haven’t had a chance to speak to them to get a reaction or ask why they bought it, but it seems that this was an irresistible piece of royal memorabilia history for many.”

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