Alicante Fire service response times set to be boosted

Alicante Fire service response times set to be boosted
Alicante Fire service response times set to be boosted Credit: Town Hall

Alicante Fire service response times are set to be boosted with a staggering 2.5-million-euro investment.

The Alicante city council are preparing what is the largest strategic investment plan ever for the Alicante fire service. The project aims to modernise and renovate the Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Rescue Service. It will include a stunning variety of new kit including new trucks, rescue vans, vehicles, equipment and also infrastructure for the Alicante fire service.

The Councillor for Safety, Jose Ramon Gonzalez, highlighted “the importance of investing in the most advanced and latest generation means to ensure that our Firefighters have the best, and can carry out their work and intervene on the front line quickly and effectively extinguishing fires and with rescue emergencies, and thus renewing infrastructure, equipment and trucks, demonstrating that for the government team safety is a priority”.


The plan has been drawn up by commanders in the fire service and it will improve the efficiency of the service along with response times and will see resources modernised. The plan follows an investigation on the day-to-day needs of local firefighters.

The plan is “a very ambitious plan that is going to be carried out to completely change and renew the resources, which will result in greater safety for our citizens in the interventions and emergencies carried out by the firefighters in Alicante” said Gonzalez.

He also explained that once the new measures are incorporated into the service: “the response time will be improved, and it will also be possible to guarantee greater safety through the units specialising in rescues in the city, mountains and sea rescues”.

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