Barcelona bathers make shocking discovery on a Sitges beach

Barcelona bathers make shocking discovery on a Sitges beach
Barcelona bathers make shocking discovery on a Sitges beach Credit: Pixabay

Barcelona bathers make shocking discovery of a 50-kilo bundle on a Sitges beach.

The bathers discovered the 50-kilo bundle as it floated in the sea near Barcelona’s Barra beach in Sitges. The discovery was made on Sunday morning, July 25, and it was quickly seized by the Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra.

Police sources report that the package was discovered wrapped in a hessian fabric, something that is usually used by drug traffickers when they want to move drug bundles by the sea. The surprise discovery was made at 11am on Sunday morning. Bathers were shocked as they discovered the bundle near the rocks on the crowded beach of La Barra.


Bathers on the beach rushed to alert the Mossos d’Esquadra and when officers arrived they were able to confirm that the bundle was filled with hashish. The officers seized the package which weighed a staggering 50 kilos when it was wet. The bundle was then taken to the police station in Sitges and taken into custody.

Since the shocking discovery officers from the Mossos along with officers of both the Maritime rescue and the Maritime police have been searching the area where the bundle was discovered. The officers were searching for any people who could be related to the incident and were looking for boats too, as reported 20 minutos.

During the search the officers did not discover any other bundles but they have opened an investigation. They hope the investigation will successfully find where the package came from and if it can be linked to drug traffickers who use the sea route to bring drugs to the Catalan coast.

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