Recent Study Reveals Drinking Coffee Is Good For Your Health

Recent Study Reveals Drinking Coffee Is Good For Your Health
Recent Study Reveals Drinking Coffee Is Good For Your Health. image: pinterest

RECENT Study Reveals That Drinking Three Or Four Cups Of Coffee A Day Is Good For Your Health

According to a recent study carried prepared by the universities of Southampton and Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom, published by BMC Public Health, drinking coffee, of any variety, with or without caffeine, helps lower your risk of chronic liver disease and related liver conditions.

This study draws a conclusion that coffee drinking reaches its maximum benefit after consuming three or four cups a day.


For this study, UK Biobank data was used from 495,585 participants, who were followed for an average of 10.7 years, 78 per cent of whom (384,818) consumed ground or instant coffee, caffeinated or decaffeinated, while 22 per cent (109,767) did not drink coffee at all.

A total of 5,439 cases of chronic liver disease or steatosis – an accumulation of fat in the liver also known as fatty liver disease – and 184 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma, a type of liver cancer, were recorded during the study.

Compared to non-coffee drinkers, coffee drinkers had a 21 per cent lower risk of chronic liver disease, a 20 per cent lower risk of fatty steatosis, and a 49 per cent lower risk of death from chronic liver disease.

The best-performing group was the one who drank ground coffee, which contains high levels of kahweol and cafestol, substances that have been shown to be beneficial against chronic liver disease in animals, the journal notes.

Instant coffee, with low levels of kahweol and cafestol, was also associated with a reduced risk of chronic liver disease, although the risk reduction was less than that associated with ground coffee, so the results that the recent study reveals may well suggest that other ingredients, or potentially a combination of ingredients, may be beneficial to your health, as reported by


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  1. Coffee is actually a harmful neurotoxin which causes innumerable health problems in humans including heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and many more really terrible disorders. An average 8oz cup causes oxygen deprivation in 52% of the brain.

    To those who know about it, it is known as the choice beverage of the slave, for a very good reason.


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