Spain has eyes on Libya now that it appears to be peaceful

The two prime ministers met in Tripoli
The two prime ministers met in Tripoli Credit: La Moncloa flickr

Spain’s President Pedro Sánchez is becoming something of a travelling salesman as after reopening the Spanish Embassy in Libya he shot off to Argentina.

IN between this travelling, he found time to stop off in Madrid to see the rather disappointing goalless draw between Spain and Portugal.

For years Spain had a strong presence in Libya thanks to Repsol which has a number of oil concessions in that country but at a joint press conference with interim Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah investment was in both of their minds.


According to The Arab Weekly, both Spanish and Libyan premiers said they had signed several memorandums of understanding to boost economic cooperation in various sectors such as health, infrastructure, agriculture, education, livestock and renewable energy.

Sánchez said “We also want to engage in this phase of economic transformation in Libya,” and indicated that he has instructed his consular team to look to speedily grant visas in order to improve mobility between the two Mediterranean countries.

It is clear that Spain has eyes on Libya now that it appears to be entering a period of peace.





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