New Construction Projects Approved By Malaga Council

New Construction Projects Approved In Malaga
Infographic of walkway in Ronda. Image - Diputicion de Malaga

The Governing Board of the Malaga Provincial Council has approved various works projects totalling an amount of one million euros that will be executed in seven municipalities.

The Governing Board of the Malaga Provincial Council has approved various works projects totalling an amount of one million euros that will be executed in various municipalities including Ronda, Frigiliana, Sayalonga, Benadalid and Periana.

The most important action that has been authorised is the construction of a pedestrian walkway in Ronda, on Guadalcobacín street, to save the railroad tracks of the Algeciras-Bobadilla line, with a total amount of €563,205.44. The Provincial Council will contribute €340,000, through the Municipal Economy Boost Plan (PIEM), and the rest will be borne by the Ronda City Council.


This project corresponds to the fourth phase of the construction of the Bus Station and the Municipal Library. In the first phase, the library was built and the projects corresponding to the rest of the phases of the complex have also been presented, which contemplate the execution of the public spaces and the Bus Station within the same plot.

The walkway, which consists of two floors, will be arranged in an L shape and will have an elevator as an element of vertical communication. It will have four entrances: from the north, from the south, by the stairs in the south and by the elevator.

A project has also been approved for the placement of artistic paving on Las Huertas street, in Frigiliana, for an amount of €100,000, which includes the renovation of the pavement of this road with a stone and Chinese pavement in various colours, of the same design as the one already existing in the streets of the municipality.

€82,794.92 will also be allocated to the second phase of the improvement of the northern access to the Corumbela nucleus, in Sayalonga, to continue with the improvement works of the road, which has been widened, achieving an average width of three meters.

And another €30,000 will be dedicated to works to improve the installation of the wastewater treatment station in the urban area of Periana, located in the Las Peñas area, which include the removal of the breakwater wall that has damage and the mesh enclosure that exists in its coronation and the realization of a new wall with its corresponding upper fence.

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