Malaga Maternity Clinic Closed for Over a Year With No Reopening Date

Malaga Maternity Clinic Closed for Over a Year With No Re-Opening Date
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MALAGA CLINIC’S maternity ward has been closed for more than a year and has not reopened. It has been exactly 14 months since the entire area of ​​Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology moved at the end of March 2020 to make room in the Teatinos hospital for patients with Covid. The pressure has already eased and since the beginning of May half of the service has returned, but not the delivery rooms. This Wednesday, May 26, professionals, unions and more than 70 associations have gathered before the clinic to demand their return. They argue that while Sevilla – with a population similar to the city of Málaga – has three public maternity wards and Granada – with half its inhabitants – has two, the capital of the Costa del Sol currently only has one.

As reported by Malaga Hoy, according to these groups, the clinic’s delivery rooms are now “closed and clean” due to the decrease in Covid patients. The union action secretary of the Nursing Union (SATSE), Alfonso Calvo claims that “They have to open up, there is no longer any excuse.”

The move was theoretically temporary. It was done at the height of the first wave when the Clinic was one of the hospitals in Andalucia with the most Covid patients and the service space was essential to create critical beds for these patients. Now the Andalucian Health Service (SAS) maintains that it “will centralise deliveries” and that the unification is a “commitment to continuous improvement.” In short, the clinic’s maternity ward will remain closed with no reopening date confirmed.


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