Costa del Sol town takes precautions against West Nile virus

Mosquito larvae can grow in minute amounts of water
Mosquito larvae can grow in minute amounts of water Credit: James Gathany, CDC CC

HAVING received a warning from the Ministry of Health that it was one of eight municipalities in Malaga facing risk from West Nile virus, Casares Council took immediate action.

For this, it has hired a specialised company that is carrying out a control and sampling in the points that may be developed to detect the necessary preventive treatments.

A Municipal Plan for the Comprehensive Surveillance and Control of West Nile Fever Vectors that will offer a diagnosis with the necessary preventive measures that must be put in place to protect the population, will be disseminated through the municipal media.


Mayor Pepe Carrasco, has expressed his discomfort to the Territorial Delegation of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga, that Town Councils are being required to deal with the problem rather than Junta.

In a letter sent to the delegate, the mayor stated, “From the Casares Council government team we believe that this matter is a public health problem that must be assumed from an autonomous point of view, coordinating and providing the necessary resources for its execution. The whole weight of the actions should not fall on the City Council without providing means, resources or financing.”

West Nile fever is an infection which is typically spread by mosquitoes.


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