Guardia Civil Make Arrests in El Palo Drugs Crackdown

Guardia Civil Make Arrests in El Palo Drugs Crackdown
Guardia Civil Make Arrests in El Palo Drugs Crackdown. Image: Wikimedia

The Guardia Civil has made arrests in El Palo, Malaga, following a drugs crackdown.

OFFICERS from the Guardia Civil made the arrests following a crackdown on drugs in El Palo.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the Guardia Civil was sent out in El Palo in an operation against drug trafficking.


The officers also carried out searches and arrests in the Malaga towns of Rincon de la Victoria and Marbella.

According to reports, the Guardia Civil is currently investigating drug trafficking in Malaga, with residents seeing officers out in El Palo, while officers carried out several arrests and searches in Marbella and Rincon de la Victoria.

The news comes after 14 people were arrested for their membership in a gang dedicated to drug trafficking in El Palo, Malaga.

The Spanish nationals were arrested – five women and nine men – three of whom have been imprisoned by the order of the judicial authority.

As reported in a National Police statement, after searching four houses, 1,500 grams of hashish, 170 grams of cocaine and €11,000 in cash were found and intercepted.

The investigation was carried out by officers of the Judicial Police group of the Eastern District Police Station in Malaga after receiving information about the existence of a drug sales point at a residence in El Palo.

Inquiries were carried out around the residence after numerous people were spotted arriving and then leaving after a short period of time – after having acquired their narcotics.

Members of the gang would carry out the drug sales, including their leader and members of their family. They were supported by a network of people surveilling strategic places on the public highway in order to detect the presence of officers.



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