Calming Kate Middleton Takes On New Role

Calming Kate Middleton Takes On New Role
Calming Kate Middleton Takes On New Role.

CALMING Kate Middleton takes on a new role holding the royal family together following Prince Phillip’s death.

Kate Middleton has firmly cemented her role as a core member of the royal family following Prince Phillip’s death.


Photographs at Prince Philip’s funeral show the Duchess bringing Harry and William together, tenderly kissing Prince Charles on the cheek and deepening her relationship with the Queen – even wearing a pearl necklace belonging to Her Majesty.

The relationship between Prince Harry and the rest of the family worsened after the bombshell interview with Meghan, Harry and Oprah Winfrey, however, one royal source suggests it could be Kate who could bring them back together and could be key to the family’s healing.

One source said: “Behind the scenes, she is the glue holding a lot of it together. She’s not one for drama, but more so the listener who will come up with a plan of action. Perhaps she will be the uniting force for the brothers to heal their divide.

“She wouldn’t want things to carry on the way they are, despite the things that have been said.

“Kate has always enjoyed such a fabulous relationship with her own family. She speaks to her parents, brother and sister all the time, so it’s second nature. And she doesn’t see why William and her children shouldn’t have that as well.”

Following Prince Philip’s death, 39-year-old Kate will continue with her work alongside her husband but is due to expand her own projects and engagements.

One palace staff member said: “Without a doubt, we are in a period of change. Arguably change at the top, with the Queen handing over more responsibilities to the Prince of Wales and, of course, William. What does that mean for Kate?

“It means she will be even more front and centre, and what you’ve seen over the past year or two is that she definitely has grown in confidence in order to do that.

“With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out of the picture, and never likely to return, one would think this is their time.

“At one stage they may have thought that they were being over-burdened but in reality, they have a clear run.

“They can work on the projects they want to and which they feel can make the most impact. But they can also carry on the work of the monarchy in their own way, upholding the values of those who came before them while making it relevant for a new generation. It’s going to be a very exciting time.”

“Her work with the 5 Big Questions on the Under 5s has been heralded as a game-changer and it’s only the beginning. Not many people had heard of baby banks, outside those that rely on them, before the Duchess got involved.

“After working on a project secretly for several months, she was able to bring together 19 British brands and retailers to donate over 10,000 new items to more than 40 baby banks nationwide.

“This is the type of thing making a difference to the most marginalised people in communities and that’s where her heart lies.”

The position Kate has earned as a senior royal is even more credible and impressive since royal insiders stress it has taken her years to grow in confidence to get where she is.

“In the beginning, she was very content to listen and learn,” said a former Palace staffer, who worked with the Duchess during her formative years as a royal.

“She wanted to get the right grounding, the right feel for the job and the role. You could obviously tell she knew this was a job for life and that you definitely didn’t need to hit the ground running with all the risks of you falling flat on your face.”

10 years after officially joining the family, Kate is quietly and confidently preparing for taking on the role of Queen consort.

Source: Mirror

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