Brothers in Prison for Armed Robbery of Malaga Pharmacies

Brothers in Prison for Robbery of Malaga Pharmacies
Brothers in Prison for Robbery of Malaga Pharmacies. Image - National Police

Two brothers are now in prison for the armed robbery of three pharmacies in Malaga.

TWO brothers are in prison for armed robbery of three pharmacies in Malaga. National Police officers have detained two brothers of Spanish nationality in Malaga, 44 and 49, for their alleged involvement in assaults at three pharmacies in the capital. The two brothers who have entered prison by order of the judicial authority, acted with their faces hidden and in a coordinated manner. Investigation work has led to their identifications.


Carried out by investigators from the West District police station in Malaga and officers from the North District police station, The Dracma operation looked into three robberies of pharmacies, in the vicinity of La Unión, Las Chapas and Barbarela, and a fourth assault on a clothing store in the vicinity of Cruz de Humilladero.

According to reports into the incidents, all of which occurred last January, the suspects acted together and were wearing sunglasses, a mask and other items to hide their faces.

Whilst one of those investigated went directly to the establishment’s staff, the second went into the counter in order to steal money from the cash register. To carry out the assaults, they had large bladed weapons with which they intimidated employees.

Inquiries carried out in the surroundings of the establishments, together with an expert report from the Scientific Police, allowed the officers to identify the two responsible.

Officers arrested the suspects on April 13 for their alleged involvement in four robberies using violence and intimidation. One of those arrested would have been released from prison at the end of last year.

In a search in the home of those investigated, the investigators discovered the clothing, footwear and a knife that they would have used in their criminal acts.

Source: Malaga Hoy

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