Seven Year Old Girl Saves Life Of Unconscious Hypoglycemic Mother

Seven Year Old Girl Saves Life Of Unconscious Hyperglycaemic Mother
Seven Year Old Girl Saves Life Of Unconscious Hyperglycaemic Mother. Image - Pixabay

A seven-year old girl saved the life of her unconscious hypoglycemic mother.

AT only seven years old, Alba has become a real heroine. The little girl saved the life of her mother, Nuria, who suffered low blood sugar while she was sleeping.


At 7am, Alba noticed that her mother was complaining and making strange sounds whilst they slept next to each other. It was then that the blood glucose sensor sounded the alert. “I do not remember anything. When I woke up the ambulance was here and they had put a line for me. I was very scared,” Nuria told NIUS.

When her mother did not respond, the little girl did what her parents have always taught her: “I had to give her a soda or sugar water, but she wouldn’t wake up,” the girl said. She then tried to call for help using a mobile phone that had facial recognition. “She tried to put it on my face but having my eyes closed it didn’t work,” says her mother. However, Alba then saw an SOS appear on the screen and contacted 112.

“I told them the street where I lived and what happened to my mother,” explains the girl who was also taking care of her younger sister who was in the house and very scared. “I cried and just repeated: my mother is sick.”

Two Guardia Civil officers appeared at the house moments later and jumped over the fence. They were able to contact Alba, who was calm throughout and handed them a bunch of keys through the window so they could enter the house.

Officers managed to stabilise the mother who only asked about her daughters: “I was really scared. I just wanted to see them,” she recalls.

Alba has become the pride of her parents. “I have told her that she has saved her mother’s life, that she is a hero,” her father, Álvaro, said. He, a military man on a mission in Romania, saw the terrifying event from thousands of kilometres away, through the security camera they have installed in the house. “It was from a movie,” he remembers. “Due to her illness, this had happened to her before, but never when she was alone with the girls.”

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