Jordi Pujol And Family To Be Tried For Money Laundering And Criminality

Jordi Pujol And Family To Be Tried For Money Laundering And Criminality
Jordi Pujol And Family To Be Tried For Money Laundering And Criminality. Image - Wikipedia

Jordi Pujol and his family will be tried for criminality and money laundering.

THE Criminal Chamber of the National Court has confirmed the order of Judge José de La Mata to try the members of the Pujol Ferrusola family for crimes of criminal organisation or illicit association, money laundering, crimes against the Public Treasury and documentation falsity.


The court confirms that the acts were carried out abroad, mainly in Andorra, through the movement of cash funds from various accounts opened overseas, of which several were holders.

The Chamber confirms a clearly concerted action by all members of the Pujol family of the simultaneous opening and closing of bank accounts, as well as movements of funds between them, which is a strategy aimed at concealing their origin. Their car connects with illicit operations that resulted in certain resolutions of the Catalan autonomous administration.

“It is about a series of actions, prolonged in time, of all the members of the investigated family, which the order supports in the corresponding circumstantial elements extracted from the investigative work, also determining, with the same setting in the actions, the respective roles assumed by each member, in the provisional plane proper to this procedural phase,” explains the order.

Adding: “we are faced with an illicit association initially and a criminal organization later – taking into account the regulatory change that occurs during the period – and not with mere participants for profit, as the appeal describes the remaining members of the family, regarding the allegedly lawful action of Jordi Pujol Ferrusola.”

The court indicates that De la Mata’s order links them with the evidence obtained from the investigation: “a series of actions by the organisation presumably made up of the appellants, intended to guide various administrative resolutions in a certain direction, taking advantage of the position of Mr Pujol Soley at the head of the Catalan autonomous administration, the result of or from which significant economic returns were obtained, which were entered into bank accounts abroad and subjected to various movements and transfers, to hide their illicit origin.”

Source: La Sexta

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