Co-Op Housing Project for 50-70 Year Olds in Rincón de la Victoria

Co-Op Housing Project for 50-70 Year Olds in Rincón de la Victoria
Co-Op Housing Project for 50-70 Year Olds in Rincón de la Victoria. image - pixabay

Co-op housing project in Rincón de la Victoria for 50 – 70-year-olds hopes to ‘combat loneliness’.

ON Tuesday, Rincón de la Victoria Town Hall revealed plans for a co-op housing project for those between the ages of 50 and 70 in the area on El Cantal.


The ‘pioneering’ Tartessos Malaga co-housing initiative will provide 68 houses and will hopefully be ready in summer, councillors said. This will also create 20 jobs and the project, costing €6 million will be funded by private investors, councillors explained.

Miguel Ángel Jiménez, the urban planning councillor, said that the cooperative housing project is a “new lifestyle model based on efficiency and sustainability.” He also said that potential residents would need to have “clear values on community living” and that it was designed to “combat loneliness.”

According to Jiménez, in 15 years time one in three households will only have one inhabitant and almost half of those people will be over 65-years-of-age.

President of the not-for-profit company Tartessos Malaga, José Antonio López, said that 16 of the houses will be given to people who are on the town hall register (Padron) and the cost of living in one of the homes “will not exceed the average monthly pension” which is €1,200 (£1,039.95).

Work is due to start in early next year and the complex will also have common areas such as a cafeteria and dining room, a swimming pool, allotments, gardens, a doctor’s surgery and a nurse’s room, rehabilitation facilities and space for outdoor activities.

Source: SUR

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