Malaga Woman Arrested for Misappropriating Money from Clients

Malaga Woman Arrested for Misappropriating Money from Clients
Malaga Woman Arrested for Misappropriating Money from Clients Credit: Twitter

Malaga Woman Arrested for Misappropriating Money from Clients.

A 36-YEAR-OLD woman has been arrested by National Police officers after allegedly being involved in misappropriation of client’s money and transferring confidential information.

Investigations are ongoing after the woman allegedly defrauded multiple clients that belong to the company where she worked as an administrator/accountant. It is also claimed that she transferred files which contained client’s confidential information.


According to investigators the woman had managed to steal the client’s money by providing them with bank account details to enable them to organise payments. Sadly, though these bank accounts did not belong to official agencies, but were allegedly in her name, as reported Diario Sur.

The alleged crimes only came to light after clients received non-payment of bills notifications from official sources. The official agencies were seeking interest for late payments along with the missing payments. This came as a shock to clients who obviously thought that they had paid the bills correctly, as directed to do so by the firm.

In a complete breach of trust the woman allegedly deceived both clients and managers of the company in order to carry out her crimes.

The Twelfth Examining Magistrate’s Court in Malaga is expected to deal with the case and the investigation remains open as it is not yet known if there are any more victims.



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