Can You Help A Rare Twin Donkey Born in Mijas?

Can You Help A Rare Twin Donkey Born in Mijas?
Rare Twin Donkeys Born in Mijas

Donkey sanctuary, Donkey Dreamland in Mijas, has today announced one of their donkeys gave birth to twins – something that is extremely rare.

In late September, Donkey Dreamland sanctuary, Mijas, rescued a donkey that was named Esperanza (or Hope, in English) who was being kept in a field surrounded by un-castrated males, so it is no surprise Esperanza fell pregnant!


The sanctuary took Esperanza in as the likelihood of the males killing the foal in order to bring Esperanza back into ‘heat’ was too high to risk. The mother has been living a tranquil and peaceful life at the Donkey Dreamland sanctuary since being removed from the field.

At 7:30 am on Monday, April 11, Esperanza began to give birth, assisted by the sanctuary’s founder Amaya. It soon came to light that this was no ordinary birth, and Esperanza was having twins.

Out of around 40 million donkeys in the world, it’s estimated that only around 1.5 per cent of all donkey births are twins, so this was an extremely rare event. Sadly, only around 10 per cent survive.

Unfortunately, one of the twins who was lovingly named Angel did not survive. The miracle is that the other twin managed to pull through, baby Luz. The surviving donkey is currently in hospital and being looked after by six dedicated vets who are doing their utmost to help him survive. He is receiving oxygen through a mask, milk through a tube and bloody through a transfusion from Esperanza to help raise his oxygen levels.

Although this rare event comes with sadness, it is also a miracle for baby Luz to have survived and Donkey Dreamland is now looking to members of the public for help. Although the total cost for the care of baby Luz is unknown as yet, over two days the treatment has already cost €2,000 (£1,731.17).

The sanctuary is looking to raise as much money as possible for Esperanza and the baby foal to live a happy life and for Esperanza to not have to come to terms with losing two of her foals.

Can you help the sanctuary with the care of baby Luz? Click here to be taken to their Go Fund Me page.

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